Officers to distribute 30,000 wristbands for 'Pray for Police' campaign

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Houston Police Department will be giving away more than 30,000 blue wristbands today that display three simple words: "Pray for police." The campaign is a call to action that Houston-area law enforcement say is especially important to them right now.

Invoking the name of fallen Harris County Sheriffs Deputy Darren Goforth and using the hashtag #P4P, cops and their supporters are asking the public to pray for police.

"I think with Deputy Goforth's death there has been an awakening in Harris County in Houston and across the nation of what exactly law-enforcement does every single day for us. Every single day they don't know if they're going to be able to come home to the family or not," Harris County District Attorney, Devon Anderson, said at press conference Tuesday.

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Members of the public are encouraged to pickup a wristband at the HPD Union building located at 1602 State Street. Officers and members of the faith community will be on site to pass out wrist bands and pray with the public from 6am to 11am today and again tomorrow, September 9.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says the new "Pray for Police" campaign is as much about reducing tension and strengthening police relations within communities as it is about showing support for police.

"This is an opportunity to say let's everybody take a deep breath. Let's pray together let's join together in a way that's positive and hopefully take some of the tension out of these interactions; and maybe heal it," Mayor Parker told Eyewitness News.

She added, "We know police officers are under a heightened state of alert, and they need to know that their community supports them and cares about them. Knowing that they have our support makes their job of protecting and serving a little easier. We want to join hands here; start this thing here together."

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