Motion denied to recuse judge in murder-for-hire case

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In spite of a 'snarky' comment, the judge in a prominent murder-for-hire case in Houston will stay on the case.

A motion filed by Leon Jacon's attorney George Parnham to recuse Judge Wallace has been denied, Eyewitness News has just learned.

Leon is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend.

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Previously, Judge Wallace refused to recuse himself after complaints about the comment he made during a May 4 hearing.

Parnham was trying to convince the judge to grant his client bond and was making "representations of Mr. Jacob's character and his ties to the community."

The court motion said, "Counsel further went into detail referencing Mr. Jacob's mental state and emotional care toward the alleged victim in his case. It was during this exchange that the Honorable Judge Wallace retorted with the snarky comment, 'I mean, that's why you hire a hit man.'"

The motion went on to state, "Judge Wallace's comment was snide and in flagrant disregard to the defendant's fundamental protection of his presumed innocence. It further reveals Judge Wallace's own personal prejudice towards this case."

Overnight, we heard from Leon Jacob, who said in a statement through his attorney that those words were 'disheartening.'

"No matter what happens in the recusal hearing, my hope is that moving forward, I'll be given a shot with whatever judge," Leon said.

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