Man accused of road rage shooting says he's the victim

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A security guard charged in a road rage case on the East End is sharing his side of the story.

His side is very different from what the victim told police and ABC13. Richard Cruz says after their initial argument in a grocery store parking lot, the victim actually chased him through a neighborhood. He says it was only when he pulled into his driveway that he pulled a gun because he feared for his life.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Security guard accused of pulling gun on pizza delivery driver

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Security guard accused of pulling gun during road rage incident, Tracy Clemons reports.

Cruz says a pizza delivery driver nearly sideswiped him at Harrisburg and Milby last Friday. Moments later, Cruz says he saw that driver.

"I stopped. I cussed him out. I said 'hey you almost hit me.' He started getting aggressive too," Cruz told Eyewitness News.

The victim told us Cruz used racial slurs and pulled a gun. Cruz says that's not true. He told us he drove away, and the victim chased him through the neighborhood and to his home.

"That's when I jumped out with my gun. Yes, I aimed it at him. I said 'hey you need to back the "F" off.'"

Police came and they arrested Cruz. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He says he didn't have $3,000 to put up for bond, so it was either stay in jail or plead guilty.

"I didn't want to spend nine months in jail trying to fight a case. I assume responsibility for my actions," Cruz explains.

He was offered four years deferred adjudication. If he stays out of trouble and follow the judge's rules, it's off his record.

"I believe I am now considered a racist road raging security officer or ex -security officer. I believe the story wasn't heard. I believe the judge didn't hear all the evidence."

He's now prohibited from working security without a judge's order.
"My livelihood is gone," he says.

He now acknowledges that he should've never stopped to confront the other driver. It's advice he'd give anyone before you find yourself in a potential road rage situation.
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