Teen shocked, burned after charm bracelet touches charger in outlet

UVALDE, Texas (KTRK) -- A Texas teen is sharing her experience about a recent freak incident involving her charm bracelet.

Martina Avila, 16, was carrying her 5-month-old daughter into the living room on Saturday when she bent over to plug in her cellphone charger. But once she put the charger in the outlet, sparks started coming out.

"I was panicking and checked if my daughter was fine first. Thank God nothing happened to her," Avila said. "It just happened in a flash."

Avila said she immediately felt the burning on her hand. Part of her charm bracelet made contact with the charger when she was plugging it in.

"I looked at it and it felt like it was on fire. I started shaking my hand up and down until I noticed it was my charm bracelet. It was melting on my hand." Avila said.

She said she didn't realize an everyday accessory could cause so much damage.

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Avila and her boyfriend took a closer look and realized how perfectly the heart-shaped charm fit in part of the charger, which caused the sparks.

Avila posted her experience on Facebook and said many people told her that something similar had happened to them.

"If you're a girl with a charm bracelet, you would understand and never think that this could happen," Avila said.

Avila said she wanted to share what happened to warn people to be careful with their charm bracelet and what items it touches.

She said that even though she got burned and shocked pretty badly, she's thankful it wasn't worse.

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