Humble man provides medical assistance in Haiti

Jake Hicks provides much needed medical care to the people of Haiti. (HCN)

As many Americans were busy planning summer vacations, Jake Hicks of Humble was saving lives in Thomazeau, Haiti.

In May, Hicks and a group of his fellow church members from the Memorial Church of Christ embarked on a week long mission trip for LiveBeyond - a faith-based organization, founded by Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool, to provide healthcare, education, and sustenance to the impoverished in Thomazeau, Haiti.

"It's a chance to help out the Haitians," Hicks said. "It's about delivering a good message and helping to change the community. From the Vanderpools' perspective, it's not really helping out the Haitians by just giving them a handout. They actually teach them how to take care of themselves - which is a bigger thing to do for these folks."

This was Hicks' first mission trip since his recent retirement from the United States Army.

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