Homeowner scares off would-be robbers near the Heights

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A scary moment unfolded Friday afternoon for a Houston mother after three men tried to break into her home.

Houston police believe the robbers probably thought the homeowner was at work and not at home.

They were wrong.

In the exclusive surveillance video, you can hear the voice of the homeowner screaming after she discovered three men wearing hoodies breaking into her home. The break-in happened around 1:30pm in the neighborhood off Shepherd and I-10 near the Heights.

The woman described the first sounds in her house.

"What did you hear?" ABC13's Natasha Barrett asked.

"Well at first I heard what sounded like something dropping and so I thought maybe something just fell off the counter," she said.

Out of safety concerns, ABC13 is not identifying the homeowner.

She said once she heard the sound of glass breaking, she ran downstairs to see what was going on.

"I saw three males in black standing at my door looking inside about to break in," she said.

From looking at the video, investigators believe the would-be robbers used a glass break device to quickly shatter the back door.

The men thought they were good to go, but the woman's quick thinking stopped them from coming inside.

"I just shouted and they took off," she said.

"What did you say to them?" Barrett asked.

"I think I just said 'hey' and called the cops immediately," she added.

The woman does not know if the robbers were carrying any weapons. She said she is just thankful they did not come inside her house and try to hurt her.

"Oh, it's been really scary. I just think of my own safety and my own family's safety that could have been a lot worse and we're real lucky," she said.

"After this, do you feel safe in your home?" Barrett asked.

"Not really. I feel like you just never know what could happen," she replied. null
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