Good Samaritans help get proper funeral for homeless man

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A homeless man who lived a hard life is being buried with dignity. It is thanks to the helping hands of people who live on Houston's south side.

It's a day two Houston women were not looking forward to, the funeral of a man most barely knew.

Tran Van Duc, 56, was living on the streets of Houston for years. Recently two good Samaritans befriended him.

They brought him food and comfort but all that came to an end two weeks ago when Tran was hit by an alleged drunk driver. With no family and friends, Tran was destined for a paupers grave until those two good Samaritans and many more used a GoFundme page to pay for a funeral for their friend.

"When his family wasn't located we just wanted to be in the sense, his family and the community has just basically helped in that sense and just coming together and helping us make all of this possible for Mr. Tran," said good Samaritan Rosa Quintero.

"He never asked for anything. He was just sitting in the corner by himself, minding his own business with his little radio set. That is the big thing that stood out," said good Samaritan Adriana Castro Garcia.

This helping hand is a final act of friendship for a man so many overlooked.

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