'Go Tejano Day' on Sunday brings special meaning for "Siggno"

HOUSTON -- For Jesse Turner, lead singer in the band Siggno, taking the stage at the Houston Rodeo Sunday is enough to make him tear up with excitement.

"Through our music, we try to inspire people, we try to give people faith, we try to give people hope, and that's what Siggno's about," Turner said.

Turner is holding on to hope after his son and bass guitar player Jacob Turner was almost killed in a car crash last year, suffering brain damage.

"He can't talk, can't walk, doctors actually don't give him a lot of hope, but we have to stay strong and put everything in the hands of God," Turner said.

Turner will be singing for Jacob.

"The name of the album is called 'Yo Te Esperare,' which means I will wait for you," Turner said, "Even though life goes on, even though my life continues every day, all of his family, we keep waiting for him."

He said the song took on a different meaning for him after Jacob's accident. He hopes to share Jacob's love of music with thousands of fans at the rodeo Sunday.

"We are honored," Turner said, "This is literally a dream come true for us." null