Frustrations mount over recalled Samsung washer repairs

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- With 2.3 million Samsung top loaders recalled, the company has been busy taking care of those customers who purchased one of the recalled machines. The two options available under the recall are a repair or a prorated rebate based on the age of the recalled machine. For those opting to the repair, I'm hearing many frustrations.

Garner homeowner Cindy Heafy purchased her Samsung top-loading washer in August of 2015. When she learned of the recall, she opted for the repair.

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However, she says it's been a frustrating ordeal trying to get the repair.

"It's been a nightmare as every time you call in Samsung makes an appointment, but then the subcontractor doesn't honor the appointment," Cindy said.

She said she's had three scheduled repair appointments.

"No one shows up. You stay home for four to five hours and no one comes to your home while you're here," Cindy said.

She's especially worried after seeing some of the stories where the recalled Samsung washers have come apart mid-wash.

"It's very frustrating because it's a safety hazard," she said.


A big surprise to Samsung customers affected by the recall is who is showing up to do the repair.

"It was very shocking to get a Dish Network guy repair my washing machine," said Raleigh homeowner James Faison.

Raleigh homeowner James Faison had his recalled machine repaired, only to encounter more problems.

James also opted for the repair under Samsung's recall and questioned the technician as to how someone who works for a satellite TV company would be qualified to make the recall fix.

James says the Dish Network technician just told him, "We just picked up the contract, and we are just here to get the work done."

James watched closely as the technician made the repair and everything appeared to be fine. But a few days later, when James' wife tried to wash a load of clothes James says there were problems.

"My wife started noticing the error code came up," he said.

James had to get back in touch with Samsung, which sent a different technician out to his home. But after that repair, there again were problems.


This time, James says the technician accidentally put a dent in his Samsung dryer. James says he's still waiting for that to be repaired.

As far as Cindy, she finally got a technician to show up at her home. She was surprised to see - you guessed it -- a technician from Dish Network. But she says there have not been any problems since the fix.

A Samsung rep issued this statement:

"Samsung's priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home. We have ramped up our network of authorized service partners nationwide to expedite repairs and make sure any disruption to our customers is minimized. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing. Our customer care team is standing by to assist consumers with any questions or concerns at (866) 264-5636, or they can visit to learn more about the recall options that are available."

More information on Samsung's authorized service network can also be found on our website in the Q&A section. But Direct TV isn't part of Samsung's service network.


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