Flood victims on edge with new threats of heavy rain

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Meyerland residents still cleaning up from last storm (KTRK)

News of another heavy storm is not what people in the Meyerland area want to hear. Many just started making a dent in the clean-up process following the Memorial Day flooding.

Now they face the all too real possibility that they'll be starting from scratch after this latest storm comes through.

"I told my daughter it's like there's a black cloud above us," says Vicki Adomaitis.

Adomaitis lost just about everything on the first floor of her Meyerland condo last month.

Evelyn Cabral lost her car. She'd just paid it off in March. When we met her Monday, she was packing up for good: she's moving to California.

"Tomorrow afternoon, I'm waving goodbye. And I'm not even looking out the window," she says. "Next march, I was planning to go. But this changed my plans really fast. I've done all of this in two weeks time."

"I was told not to stay there, but I've been staying there. but now that the wind is coming, I'm a little leery," adds long-time Meyerland resident Carol Reid.

The stories are the same from Meyerland to Maplewood. Maria Vasquez told us the waist-high water destroyed nearly everything in her home. She says she didn't have insurance and her husband has been handicapped for more than a year. They can't move because of his condition.

FEMA went door to door in parts of Meyerland Monday registering people for assistance, and checking up on claims.

"We're encouraging them to apply for assistance with FEMA because they may be found eligible to receive assistance for things insurance doesn't cover," says FEMA spokesperson Cheria Brown.

With the remnants from round one impossible to miss, every single person we spoke with is watching the Gulf closely, hoping round two steers clear of their street.

" I'm darn scared. That's why I'm going over my daughter's to stay," Reid says.

"I'm so scared," shares Vicki Adomaitis. "I don't know where to put my car because I'm lucky that my car was running. But I don't know where to park or what to do. I'm just crossing my fingers."

FEMA's field crews were scheduled to go door to door until 6pm Monday, but decided to shut it down at 3pm just as a precaution. You can still register with them by phone at 1-800-621-3362 or http://www.disasterassistance.gov/.
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