Seabrook hotel fire: Federal investigators trying to determine cause

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We looked into the safety history of the Hampton Inn hotel in Seabrook. The fire department says it is up to code and was inspected recently.

The fire chief says they don't know what caused the fire yet. But he did say it doesn't look suspicious.

Those massive flames could be seen for miles Thursday and this fire burned for hours. Fire investigators from Harris County and the ATF on the federal side spent more time at the hotel.

They say the fire started between floors and spread the crawl space quickly. And, because of that, smoke detectors would not go off immediately.

An eyewitness named Karen who lives next to the hotel said, "Nobody got hurt and that's amazing in a fire like this."

No one was injured. The hotel was 60 percent full at the time of the fire.

The investigation could take several days or even a week to complete.
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