Father: gun pointed at child's face during carjacking

HIGHLANDS, TX (KTRK) -- A little girl spilled her drink in her father's pickup Thursday night and while they stopped to clean it, a carjacker aimed his gun directly at her head, according to her family.

Her father, Carlton LeBlanc, said he stopped at a carwash at Houston and Main Street to clean his newly bought 2005 silver Dodge Dakota.

Surveillance video shows a figure approach the business while LeBlanc is there. A short time later, the truck leaves with its headlights off.

During that time LeBlanc said the carjacker pointed the gun at his two-year-old daughter's face.

"He points the gun at my child and tells me 'give me the keys or I'm going to shoot,'" LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc handed over the keys but had trouble unhooking the wallet's chain. He said that delay caused the robber to point the gun at them a second time. Once he had the wallet, the carjacker left in the truck, LeBlanc said.

"He pointed it right at her face. Why are you going to do that for a truck?" he said.

His daughter wasn't really aware of what happened and doesn't seem affected by it, according to her family. They hope the carjacker is found before the next incident escalates. The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating and searching for the truck.

"You draw a line when kids are involved," LeBlanc said. "I lived here pretty much my whole life in this general area. I've never seen this happen in this town."

Neighbors and business owners agreed. Many didn't want to be identified due to fears of retribution but said drug dealing is causing increased crime like this carjacking.

Employees at the car wash said they believe their location is used for these exchanges because it isn't always staffed.

Highlands is an unincorporated part of Harris County and though the sheriff's office investigates crimes there often, residents are calling for more frequent patrols. They believe that could go a long way in preventing crimes before they happen.
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