EXCLUSIVE: Bondsman speaks out about arrest of rapper accused of raping teen

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local bondsman told Eyewitness News it was rapper Colderon Texada's mother who contacted All About Bails Bondsmen.

A few days ago, we told you Texada was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in October of 2013. Aldine police say Texada picked up the Eisenhower High School student on her way to school, then took her to an apartment complex and raped her.

"(Texada's mother) said he was ready to turn himself in and that he would like for us to come pick him up," added the bondsman, who didn't want his identity revealed.

So the bondsman and another person left Houston last Thursday headed to California where Texada was hiding, after jumping bail for sexual assault charges involving a 16-year-old girl.

"He wouldn't give us a phone number or anything until we got closer," added the bondsman.

The bondsman finally arrived in L.A. Late Friday night. He picked up Texada, his young son and his girlfriend. A deal was made. Texada wanted to say goodbye to his dying grandmother.

"I told him that I would go take him to see his grandmother and I would do that part for him before I would take him in. That was kind of fuel for him to do the right thing," said the bondsman.

The bondsmen said on the long road trip, Texada was polite and very attentive to his son.

"Actually, he just seemed like a normal dude and we talked about his father and motorcycles," he said.

The bondsman says at one point Texada did talk about the sexual assault case.

"He said something to the effect that this is not or that's not how it went down," he explained.

The bondsman says it wasn't until they got to San Antonio when Texada started acting different.

"He told me he would like for me to let them know when we are getting ready to make our last stop before we get to his family because he wanted to go and change clothes. Then he and his girlfriend embrace in a hug almost as if that was her last time hugging him," said the bondsman.

This just didn't seem right. The bondsman says he came up with a plan. He pretended to have a bathroom emergency.

"I went into a truck stop and I asked the store manager to call the local authorities because I had a fugitive in the truck," he added.

Three minutes later, Kimble County sheriff's deputies arrived and arrested Texada.

"He went peacefully. I really think he was ready and he was tired of running," said the bondsman.
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