Charges dropped against teen accused of luring shooting victims

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- After spending five days locked up for a crime her sister allegedly committed, a teenager is back home. Brittany Davis was accused of luring a man through a dating website to an apartment complex where he was robbed and shot.

"It's been crazy," said Sharika Davis, Brittany's mother. "I haven't been eating. I haven't been sleeping. It's been stressful."

That's what Sharika said as she waited for her daughter to be released from jail Friday. Then, around 3pm, it happened.

"I'm innocent. I'm home," said Brittany after her release "I'm with my momma."

Only a week ago, the 18-year-old was taken out of her home, photographed, fingerprinted and accused of setting up a dating profile on the Plenty of Fish website, then luring two men to her apartment, resulting in attempted robbery and shootings.

But there was only one problem.

"She was innocent and she was telling everyone she was innocent," said Sharika.

Earlier this week, Eyewitness News was there when Harris County sheriff deputies spoke to Brittany's 14-year-old sister. Investigators began to suspect she main have framed her older sister.

It took days for the facts to be sorted out. On Thursday, Sharika Davis turned her younger daughter in to authorities. And on Friday, she waited for her older daughter to be released.
And despite her ordeal, Brittany says she's not mad.

"That's my sister," she said. "I love my sister. She didn't know what she was doing. She was just listening to crazy dudes."

Brittany believes her younger sister was influenced by her 14-year-old boyfriend and one other male. Both are facing similar charges. The younger sister is expected to be in juvenile court next week.
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