3 teens arrested for breaking into truck in Katy

KATY (KTRK) -- Armed homeowner catches 3 teen car burglars in west Houston.

Investigators say when the homeowner confronted two of the teens, holding a gun, and the teens stood down.

But the homeowner didn't see the third suspect, hiding in a truck.

Sheriff Troy Nehls said the third suspect got out of the truck and pointed a shotgun at the homeowner.

There was a struggle. The teen dropped his gun and tried to grab the homeowner's gun.

At that point, the homeowner hit the suspect in the head, gaining control of the situation, Nehls said.

"It could have gone horribly wrong, not knowing there was a third individual that approached him with a gun.

We just caution our residents to call 911 immediately.

In which this gentleman did, he had his son dial 911. He had said, "Son, I'm walking outside to confront these individuals'," said Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls.

Nehls said while interviewing the suspect who had the shotgun, he admitted he tried to load the gun, but it jammed.

The sheriff said he believes the suspect had intended to kill the homeowner. null
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