Hours-old baby found in NW Harris Co. covered in ants

Saturday, August 12, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Good Samaritans discovered a newborn baby in the bushes early Thursday at an apartment complex in northwest Harris County.

"Bro...that's crazy. Somebody left their baby out here...you gotta call 911, bro," John Baldwin said as he recorded the moments after the discovery:

The man said the baby was just born hours ago and covered in ants.

He was among two men walking to work around 5 a.m. at the complex off Red Oak Drive.

"It's like they just left the baby out there like it was trash," said Baldwin.

Another passerby first heard the baby's muffled cries.

"I heard like a baby, like a cat cry, like, meow...", said eyewitness Albert Peterson. He said he yelled for his wife to call 911 as he ran to find something to get the baby warm and clean.

He told Eyewitness News the newborn was covered in afterbirth and insects.

"I saw ants and stuff all over. I picked her up, cleaned her off, put her in a sheet and took her in my house," he said.

Authorities said the newborn was less than an hour old, full-term and healthy with the umbilical cord still attached. Investigators were able to track down the woman they believe to be the mother at a nearby apartment.

Detectives said if it were not for the Good Samaritans, the baby girl might not have survived.

"I just did my job. That's what God wanted me to do," said Baldwin.

The mother has been detained and is undergoing a psychological and medical evaluation. As things stand, no one has been arrested or charged, though the investigation is still underway.

Child Protective Services said they will try to place the infant with a relative or close family friend, at least temporarily. If none can be found, the baby could eventually be placed up for adoption.

Child Protective Services will hold a hearing on Friday to request temporary custody of the baby.

There is a Texas law that allows new parents, under certain conditions, to give up their child. The Safe Haven or Baby Moses law gives parents who are unable to care for their child the right to leave the child somewhere like a fire station or hospital without prosecution.

Anybody who would like to offer assistance should visit adoptchildren.org or call Mary Votaw at 832-454-4163.

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