Neighbors on edge as suspects in 3-year-old Houston boy's shooting are still on the run

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors in the King's Row Apartments have seen their share of violence.

Tuesday night was the final straw.

Maybe if it wasn't so many men over here that wasn't supposed to be over here then Kids wouldn't be getting shot," Shaquira Madden, a resident at the apartment said. "It's been so many drive-by's since I've been here."

"I've been out trying to find me somewhere else to stay," Demetrius Ellis said. "I can't do it no more. My kids are in the car just crying away... They're scared, they don't want to stay here anymore. They had to sleep under their beds last night, and that is very sad."

Sources say a brawl between gang members broke out in the courtyard. Then gunshots rang out.

"All we heard is gunshots going everywhere," a witness said. "I had to take all my kids and everybody jumped in the car and just leave out of here."

The Milam family was unfortunately not so lucky.

During the shootout, a stray bullet flew right inside their apartment, striking 3-year-old Sir Romeo in the stomach as he watched TV.

"The only time you see the manager is when it's time to collect rent," one resident said.

They're just hoping the crime is pushed out, and the police presence stays.

"It's probably for about three days. They do this all the time when somebody get shot, then they leave," a resident said.

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