NASA employees' personal info may have been compromised in possible hacking attack

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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NASA servers targeted by apparent hacking attack

NASA is working to determine what information may have been hit by an apparent hacking attack.

In a statement, NASA officials said that on Oct. 23, , space agency cyber security personnel began investigating a possible compromise of NASA servers where personally identifiable information was stored. They determined that information from one of the servers containing detailed data of current and former NASA employees may have been compromised.

"Upon discovery of the incidents, NASA cybersecurity personnel took immediate action to secure the servers and the data contained within," the statement read.

Officials are working to determine how much information was potentially accessed, and to identify potentially affected individuals.

NASA added, "The ongoing investigation is a top agency priority, with senior leadership actively involved."

NASA does not believe that any agency missions were jeopardized by the cyber incidents.