Cereal bar, candy shop wows snack lovers with crazy combinations

ByJordan Arseneau Localish logo
Thursday, November 12, 2020
Peppermint sticks and pickles? Check out this snack shop
Munchiez Cereal Bar has so much more than your breakfast favorites.

CHICAGO -- Munchiez, a cereal bar and candy shop in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, is wowing snack lovers with its crazy but flavorful combinations.

Standouts include cereal-infused milkshakes, a single Carolina Reaper Pepper chip challenge, and a classic, South Side favorite -- peppermint sticks in hot pickles.

"(You) bite the top of the pickle off and stick the peppermint inside, and what it gives you is a salty, savory, hot and sweet flavor all in one," Munchiez owner Qiana Allen said.

Allen launched Munchiez in August with her sons, Kameron Cole, 15, and Keenan Cole, 20.

"One day I called my mama because we used to sell candy at school but we barely could do it. We used to sell it on the low," Kameron said. "She was like, 'Well you don't have to do that; we can just open up a store."

Munchiez boasts 33 different brands of cereal that customers can mix and match along with flavored milks. The shop also offers cereal-infused shakes, walking tacos and over 150 different kinds of novelty candy.

"You kind of have to come here on an empty stomach because you're definitely going to leave full," Allen said.

For more information, visit shopmunchiez.com.