Mom whose 18 month old son drowned in pool stresses importance of self-rescue lessons

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A mother, who lost her son to drowning, believes every parent should teach their child to self-rescue around water.

In the summer of 2016, Jenny Bennett's 18 month old son drowned in their home backyard pool.

She said the little boy wandered outside through a doggie door, and later found him floating face down in the pool.

"Drowning is fast," said Bennett. "It's silent. Toddlers are mischievous. It can happen so fast. Losing a child is the hardest thing. I don't wish this on anyone."

Bennett now helps the organization Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning, which is formed by several existing nonprofits and people such as parents, aunts and uncles who wish to spread awareness about childhood drowning.

"Teaching them how to roll on their back is a life-saving skill," she said.

Bennett says she's been blessed with another son named Asher.

Bennett said Asher is now enrolled in Infant Swimming Resource's self-rescue survival swimming lessons.

Teresa Rising is a certified ISR instructor.

She said in the event of an emergency, her goal is to teach a child to get to the air themselves.

The lessons are designed for children as young as six months old to seven years old.

"These are swim lessons with the emphasis on the child is going to know how to self-rescue," said Rising. "Make sure they're skilled and not going to panic."

Rising said she's taught more than 600 children in her four years with ISR.

She said it's vital to teach children how to float on their back and how to get to safety.

Rising said arming your child with swim lessons is key in drowning prevention.

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