Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial aimed at kids 6 months to 12 years old enrolling participants in Houston area

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021
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Moderna will enroll 6,750 kids from 6 months to under 12-years-old for it's latest trial, and study sites will open in Houston, Tomball and Port Lavaca.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Moderna is launching a new vaccine trial called KidCOVE, and it's the largest vaccine study of its kind aimed at children to fight COVID-19.

The good news is your child could be eligible for the trial right here in Houston.

The study being conducted by Moderna will enroll 6,750 kids from 6 months to under 12-years-old.

The first phase of the trial enrolled 750 kids from Arizona. Each child received two doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. For part two of the study, half will get the vaccine and the other half will get a placebo.

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There are three study sites in Houston that are in the process of opening up. Most doctors say parents aren't worried about the safety of the vaccine, just the benefits it could have for their kids.

"Especially with kids going back to school, it's going to be a great boom because we consider, you know, not in a derogatory sense, we consider kids to be vectors," said Dr. Steve Plimpton, the principal investigator for the Moderna study in Arizona.

There are five pre-screen questions online right now that ask if your child is between 6-months and 11 years old, if they are healthy with no underlying conditions, if they have taken or are taking any investigative medication for COVID-19 and if they have been a part of any recent studies.

What to expect if you participate in the study:

  • Your child will be given two injections 28 days apart
  • You will be asked to return to the testing site up to six times
  • You and your child will have two telemedicine appointments
  • You will be asked to log any COVID-19 symptoms your child experiences using an app on your phone
  • Your child will be closely monitored by a team of doctors for up to 12 months

There are three study sites in Texas that are in the process of opening up in Houston, Tomball and Port Lavaca.

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