Missing evidence delays double murder trial for AJ Armstrong

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After several days off, jurors found themselves waiting for most the day to restart the trial of a teen accused of killing both his parents.

A.J. Armstrong is accused of murdering his parents in 2016, but his case only went to trial this month.

Today has been the slowest day of the trial so far. Because of a big hiccup Tuesday morning, the jury did not get seated until the afternoon, hearing evidence for only 25 minutes.

A garbage bag of evidence was lost. It's not clear what was in the bag or how important it was to the case. But we know they were items introduced by the prosecution.

On Tuesday morning, jurors stayed in a back room while a separate, whispered hearing happened between the judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys.

A new court reporter was brought in because the current court reporter had to testify. She was questioned about how she locked up evidence when the court finished each day. We couldn't hear what she said about the process.

Next, the bailiff testified. Again, everything was whispered.

The hearing ended and there wasn't a clear outcome.

A.J.'s attorneys said they couldn't discuss it.

Each day, that evidence is brought out and put at the front of the courtroom for jurors to see. The trial has moved back and forth between the criminal and civil building since it started.

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After that side hearing, the discussion shifted to data found on iPhone and iPads, including text messages and Google searches found on phones belonging to A.J., his mother, Dawn and his father, Antonio.

The former headmaster of Kinkaid High School testified that Armstrong was put on academic probation when he was a sophomore and was eventually kicked out of school for not bringing up his grades.

Armstrong's attorney said that's not the full story, "Once again it's their attempt to try and create some type of motive in this case," said Rick Detoto.

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