Elevation companies bid on Harvey-flooded Meyerland homes up for auction

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Harvey homes in Meyerland up for auction
Months after Hurricane Harvey, Meyerland residents are still dealing with the storm's aftermath.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- More than half a dozen homes in Meyerland were on the auction block Tuesday night, as many of them had flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

Some of the bids came in low and sellers rejected them but they still have several days to negotiate.

Elevation companies were among the bidders, this as many residents are working to elevate their homes.

One of those homes that was up for auction belongs to Marc Nathan. His Meyerland home has been in his family for 60 years, but after dealing with three floods, he's ready to let it go.

"It was just too much for us," Nathan said.

His neighbor across the street offered the highest bid for Nathan's home. He turned it down because he says it came in low. He said they will regroup and decide what comes next.

"It's worth a try to see what happens. You can't lose really by doing that," said Nathan.

The auction organizer said buyers and sellers have three days to negotiate on a price and reach an agreement.

As the homes were auctioned off, the streets in Meyerland sit nearly empty.

"That's exactly what we call it. We call it a ghost town," said Arlene Lassin, a Meyerland resident.

Lassin has lived in Meyerland for 24 years. She's watched the once bustling community turn quiet.

After Harvey, many homes sit empty, some are for sale and others are in limbo.

According to HAR, of the 2,400 homes in Meyerland, 95 are on the market, 121 have sold since Harvey and 18 sales are pending.

Lassin has some concerns about the auction.

"The auction really upsets me because I don't like seeing bargain basement prices on the homes. Of course, we have an investment here but aside from that, who's going to buy it? And then flip it, sell it to another person who may be susceptible to a flood," said Lassin.

Lassin and her husband rebuilt their home. It did not flood during Harvey but it did on Memorial Day 2015. She's confident Meyerland will come back. It will just take time.

Organizers are planning another auction this fall that will include homes in west Houston, Kingwood, Katy, Lakeside and the Memorial area.

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