Pizza delivery driver receives bag of meth instead of payment

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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Pizza driver received meth instead of money

MAGNOLIA, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities received a call from a pizza delivery driver saying that he had been given a bag of drugs instead of money for a pizza.

The driver stated that upon delivery of the pizza on Scotty Street in Magnolia they received a bag of methamphetamine and $1.86 as payment.

Deputies noticed that the name on the receipt was David Wood who they had previous dealings with. Wood seemed to be heavily under the influence of a narcotic when they arrived on scene.

Wood stated that he had given the delivery driver a dollar and some change however, he did not remember giving the driver the bag of meth.

He stated he did not do it on purpose, but that he could see how that could have happened. Wood invited the deputies in to collect any drug paraphernalia from his room in the trailer.

He and his girlfriend showed the deputies a tin box in the room. In that box, they found multiple glass pipes, multiple bags containing prescription pills and several bags containing Methamphetamine residue.

Both David Wood and Linda Webster were arrested for the drugs found at the trailer and are currently being held at the Montgomery County Jail.