Mayor Turner asks residents to report anyone intending to do violence while protesting

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Sunday, May 31, 2020
Mayor Turner speaks on protest for George Floyd
After 137 arrests were made last night, Turner is asking residents to keep an eye out for violence, saying, "This is our house. This is our home."

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Multiple people were arrested during the march for Houston native, George Floyd, on Friday in downtown.

Eighty percent of the protests on Friday were peaceful, while the rest involved defacing buildings, looting and committing other violence, said Mayor Sylvester Turner. He asked residents to report any individuals intending to do violence.

"This is our house," Turner said during a news conference on Saturday. "This is our home."

WATCH full Turner news conference

Turner speaks out after dozens arrested during protest in Houston on Friday

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo mentioned officers won't tolerate criminal misconduct, but they will march with protesters "in a constructive way, not destructive way."

"We stand with George Floyd's family, the African American community. We will come march with them (protesters)," said Acevedo. "Until the saints come marching home, until we can't march no more."

To keep residents safe, he added HPD will not use rubber bullets or gas and mandated protesters avoid highways.

"We're going to get body worn cameras videos to see better, assess better what happened," he said.

They both added HPD is in "full mobilization, which means the entire department is working 12 hours on, 12 hours off."

"We have mobile field forces that are not just in the downtown area, but we have them throughout the city, ready to respond in in a short order."

The Office of Emergency Management will also activate at 5 p.m. and remain open through the night and tomorrow morning.

Turner also highlighted how a truck driver was seen removing graffiti from buildings near downtown after the protests ended.

"That's the Houston I know. That's the Houston I love," he said.

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Videos captured show protesters being arrested, led away by officers and crowds throwing rocks and bottles at police.

An HPD officer's patrol vehicle was damaged, with the windshield and back window smashed out.

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ABC13's SkyEye captured a scene where a person is seen blasting a fire extinguisher at law enforcement.

SkyEye captured a scene where a person is seen blasting a fire extinguisher at law enforcement.

Officers confronted protesters that marched on I-10.

Police confront protesters on I-10 near Mcnee.

Houston police arrested another protester in front of the old police station on Riesner.

Houston police arrest a protester in front of the old police station on Reisner.

The march came after 46-year-old Floyd died moments after being handcuffed in what protesters are calling a brutal arrest. Police officer, Derek Chauvin, was seen on video kneeling on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes.

Derek Chauvin, police officer accused in George Floyd's death, charged with 3rd-degree murder

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