Game of the Week: Manvel cheerleader shows gravity defying stunts

MANVEL, Texas (KTRK) -- Manvel High School cheerleader Ariel Olivar never thought her stunt would go viral.

What started as just her and her fellow cheerleaders messing around turned into an internet phenomenon.

"I posted it just for fun, and then overnight it just blew up," Olivar said. "It's been quite the journey, and I still get a few people who ask me if I can do the box trick."

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A Manvel High School cheerleader's six-second video is stunning viewers around the world.

But while most were skeptical that the trick was just some clever video editing, Olivar acknowledges it takes more athletic ability than meets the eye.

"It takes a lot of core strength. It's a lot of control, and it's all one motion," Olivar said. "It's memory of where you placed your hand and then you just jump."

You can catch Olivar and her fellow Manvel cheerleaders support the Mavericks as part of our Game of the Week coverage.

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