Man wanted for defecating in townhome complex laundry room

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- Apparently nature couldn't wait for a man who turned the Bayshore Townhomes laundry room into his outhouse.

"I was told originally it was a dog," assistant maintenance man Brandon Ray Mallett said. "That's why I got the little bag, and then I had to get back and get a grocery bag. It was sick."

Mallett got the call to scoop it up Thursday evening.

"It took the two shovels and then the grocery bag, and because it got on the bag, I had to carry it with the other shovel, with the bag on the shovel, and take it directly to the dumpster to throw it in."

"I think this is very disgusting," property manager Tonya Brecheem said. "It was a horrible way for my employees to start the day, for one."

The whole thing was caught on camera. Employees want the man caught, so he can do his business somewhere else.

"That was really disgusting, and why would you do that to someone that has to clean up after you like that," Mallett said. "It's wrong and it's sick.

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