Florida man struck by celebratory gunfire outside theme park on the 4th of July

TAMPA, Florida -- Some gun owners in Tampa took their Fourth of July celebrations a step too far.

Police say celebratory gunfire caused three close calls Wednesday night, especially for a man who was hit by a bullet.

"This is something that we see every year, it's not unique to Tampa. I think it happens all over the place," Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty said.

Tampa Police Department said the man was hit by a stray bullet in the Busch Gardens Amusement Park on the Fourth of July.

He felt a major pain in his shoulder, and then his wife saw the blood.

"People need to understand that when you shoot up in the air, it does come down somewhere," Hegarty said.

Also that night, a few miles away at an apartment complex, a bullet flew through the roof of a women's bedroom and landed on the floor.

"Another one was a woman, her car, a hole in the windshield and then there was a bullet on the floor board. Because of the direction and everything, it seemed clear that it was celebratory gun fire," Hegarty said.

In all three cases, the victims walked away alive. Police are still investigating the incidents.
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