Family: Man shot in road rage incident in Fort Bend County responsive

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Person shot in road rage incident responsive
According to reports, the man was shot in the face on Bellaire Blvd.

MISSION BEND, TEXAS (KTRK) -- A man shot in a road rage shooting during evening rush hour Wednesday is responsive, according to his friends and family.

The drivers were on Bellaire near San Pablo when witnesses say an argument started.

The man was apparently on his way home from work when the incident occurred. He's a lawn maintenance worker.

Mark Johnson was a bystander during the incident and said he grabbed his girlfriend after hearing gunshots.

"I didn't know where to run, hide or what to do," Johnson said.

Family and friends said the victim has been unable to explain what transpired during the shooting. Deputies said it stemmed from road rage.

One of the victim's close friends said he is moving his fingers and responding. The friend added a message for drivers everywhere.

"If you have problems, don't get behind the wheel with a gun," the friend said.

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