Man flies across the country to attend a bachelor party for a man he never met

PHOENIX, Arizona (KTRK) -- An email about a bachelor party sent to the wrong person has led to an Arizona man taking a trip to a Vermont ski resort to attend the party of someone he doesn't know.

Devon was running out of time to send out invitations to his brother Angelo's bachelor party.

He accidentally emailed the invitation to a complete stranger.

Will received an email from a name he did not recognize with the subject "Angelo's bachelor party."

"Hey guys, I live in Arizona,...Vermont seems like a very far way," he typed, "I don't know how to ski, with all that being said count me in for my man Angelo!"

Will created a GoFundMe account to raise money for the trip. Within hours, he surpassed his goal and raised more than $3,000.

He then headed to Vermont to meet his new buddies and also brought drinks for the party.

Now Will and Devon are good friends.
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