Men in the U.S. are getting shorter and heavier, study says

According to a new report, men in the U.S. are getting shorter and heavier.

A new study from CDC shows that the average height for men has dropped about a tenth of an inch in the past decade.

A shift in the country's population may be a factor, according to the study.

The average man weighs about 198 pounds, which is two pounds more than 10 years ago.

Women on the other hand got a little taller. The average woman is now 5'3", which is half of an inch taller than a decade ago.

The study shows that women are getting heavier. Women's average weight from 10 years ago was 165 pounds, but today, women's average size is 171 pounds.

The average waistline for men is 40 inches, and women's average waistline is now just under 39 inches.
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