Lululemon crime spree in California grows to $135k after burglarized Fresno store hit again

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Déjà vu: Group of women return to Lululemon to steal again after burglarizing it earlier this week
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Police say the same women from this surveillance video returned for round two.

FRESNO, California -- Less than an hour after police were interviewed by a news crew about thieves hitting Lululemon over the weekend, officers say the same three women from the surveillance video returned for round two.

"They are very bold, very bold," said Lt. Joe Gomez of the Fresno Police Department. "I had no idea it was like that. There was a young boy sitting there, he looks like he's 10, and they were right there committing their theft."

If their brazenness surprises you, it shouldn't. Police say these women have hit Lululemon stores in California 15 times, often revisiting the same store. It is always the same. So far, they have stolen about $135,000 worth of merchandise.

"They walk into the store - a group of two or three come in with bags - and they start filling those bags with items," said Byron White with the Walnut Creek Police Department.

The store has a policy where employees cannot chase the thieves once they have walked outside. Luckily, another business stepped in to help Tuesday. Police say the manager of Jack's Urban Eats recognized the women when they parked by his restaurant and managed to wrestle away one of their duffel bags.

The thefts began happening July 8, stretching from Palo Alto to Berkeley. Police made an arrest one point in Walnut Creek and recovered some merchandise, but they say the suspects bailed out shortly after. They first hit the Fresno location Sunday and then returned Tuesday afternoon.

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"If they don't have probation, parole, or warrants already, those aren't crimes most jurisdictions keep people in jail for," said Lt. Gomez. "My understanding is they did get out on that crime. It's very lucrative."

Police were also able to identify the women's getaway car Tuesday. They say it is a blue Chevy Impala, registered in San Jose.