$768M Powerball winner surprises stranger at Target with gift card on Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Man gifts Target shoppers after winning lottery
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Man gifts Target shoppers after winning lottery

A 24-year-old Powerball winner from Wisconsin didn't forget where he came from.

Before winning a jackpot worth $768 million in March, Manuel Franco worked at a Target in Milwaukee.

On Mother's Day, he decided to spread his new fortune to shoppers, including mom of two, Nicole Domitro, who was at a different Target store in the diaper aisle.

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"He said, 'I'm Manuel Franco, I was the Powerball winner in Milwaukee, and I wanted to give you this gift of $200 for Target, a Target gift card.' He was very kind, I kinda started asking him questions because I wasn't really sure," Domitro told WISN.

Domitro said Franco told her he had tried to help more people, but they refused, thinking he was trying to scam them.

She added that she and her husband could very easily have spent the gift card, but instead now have plans of their own to pay it forward.

"We're actually going to be gifting it to another family that we know who we think could benefit from it," Domitro said.

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