Texas hot sauce brings new flavor while bringing awareness to mental health

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Friday, November 10, 2023
Texas hot sauce brand brings new spice to the table
Catherine-Martinez Myers started the Boerne Brand Hot Sauce seven years ago as a passion project. Now, she's hoping to bring awareness to mental health while bringing spice to meals.

TOMBALL, Texas -- A Texas based hot sauce brand is heating up in Houston area. Boerne Brand Texas Style Hot Sauce was started by Catherine Martinez-Myers.

"It offers flavorful heat. We believe hot sauce is an experience, and that's what we're here to offer," said Martinez-Myers.

Martinez-Myers started the hot sauce brand as a passion project. While going to school for therapy, she and her family and friends would combine sauces and flavors to create new sauces.

After that, she decided to sell her own sauce at local farmers markets. She started the brand in Boerne, Texas seven years ago, but has since moved the brand to Tomball.

Because Martinez-Myers has a passion for mental health as well, she teamed up with Jennifer Leal and re:MIND. re:MIND offers help for people who are suffering from depression and bipolar disorders.

Martinez-Myers and the Boerne Brand Hot Sauce team created the Texas Barrels special flavors. Proceeds from every box go towards re:MIND.

The owners of CorkScrew also have a special place in Martinez-Myers heart. Will and Nicole Buckman keep the hot sauce on tables for the customers to try.

CorkScrew BBQ in Spring has also teamed up with Boerne Brand and re:MIND, donating money to the nonprofit.

You can read more about the sauces and flavors here.