Workers from Houston area stuck on fishing vessel in Alaska

At least 14 people from the Houston area are hoping Wednesday brings a return flight to home.

They are onboard a fishing vessel off Alaska. They are upset as they haven't been paid for the two months they've been there and, they told us, they aren't getting any straight answers on when they might be allowed to get off the ship if they're not being compensated.

"We are stuck here. We are just about out of food. The water is not good. We have gone to get fresh water two days ago," said Darlene Drummer, who is onboard the vessel.

After working the better part of two months, Drummer and others said they have not been paid.

"We want to go home and we want to get paid for the work that we've done," she said.

Drummer said she was promised $15,000 for the work on a vessel operated by Klawock Oceanside. She said they've had little and conflicting information for days, specifically no one telling them when they might be going home. She said she feels trapped.

"It's very stressful. I'm having to take medication just to sleep at night, because I can't sleep," she said.

Klowack's owner said a Russian company that was going to buy the fish pulled out and broke contract.

"We didn't do anything wrong. I lost the financing for it," said Klawock Oceanside owner Laurence Lang.

Drummer said that's no excuse because they put in the work.

"The money they owe us is nothing compared to what is going to happen in the end. Pay us our money! Get us home and get us out of your lives. That is all that we're asking," she said.

Now, the owner of the fishing vessel said all the workers will be flown to shore in Alaska by Wednesday afternoon.

It's still not clear how they'll get home to the Houston area. To help with expenses, you can donate on the group's GoFundMe account.

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