Spring draft shop offers 300 unique craft beers

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking to expand your beer tastes, why not try Thistle Draft Shop in Spring?

The bar/restaurant boasts 300 craft beers, with 60 of them on tap.

"The concept was really simple," explained owner Mary Thorn. "Just a bottle shop in a bar."

Thorn is a former employee of St. Arnold Brewing Company. She opened Thistle Draft Shop as a way to support small craft breweries.

"That was important, to make sure that we were in an area that made sense," Thorn said. "Then it's our job to educate the community beyond what they already know."

"Mary is a mythological creature in the Houston beer scene," laughed customer Vivian Harrold. "She's like our female unicorn."

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