Pearland family builds Lego wheelchair ramp for dad

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- Rachelle Khalaf's kids have been obsessed with Lego since they were young. But the Houston, Texas family is turning their love for blocks into a quarantine project to help their dad.

Khalaf's husband was diagnosed with MS in 2008, and is now in a wheelchair. Their kids are always looking for ways to help him, and Khalaf had an idea when she saw a video from a woman called "Lego Grandma" on Youtube a few weeks ago. The woman and her husband use Lego blocks to build wheelchair ramps to get in and out of buildings.

Khalaf asked her husband and kids if they would be up for building one of their own, and they said yes immediately. But what started as a simple project has grown complex. The ramp requires a specific kind of Lego block, and the family ran out very quickly. But after putting out a call for help on social media, Khalaf's kids have received several donations from strangers.

They're now on their third rebuild and need a few hundred more blocks to finish the ramp. But their work isn't done. The family plans to build another ramp for a young neighbor who uses a wheelchair.

Khalaf said, "We always say thank God for the good things. It's hard to see someone you love struggle. The beautiful thing is that our kids are so aware of how this wheelchair ramp will help him."

If you would like to share your Lego blocks with the Khalaf family, you can contact them through their blog or on Instagram.
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