League City boy creates tree from wood of homes affected by Harvey

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A League City boy has found a unique way to show his community has remained strong after Hurricane Harvey during the holidays.

He used the wood from homes that are being rebuilt to make a Christmas tree.

A woman named Brittany Hillger shared the pictures in a Facebook group. She posted that she was on her way home from Christmas shopping with her mom when she saw the boy building the tree off Bay Ridge Drive and Highway 96.

There's also a sign that says the tree is "constructed from scrap wood from homes in our neighborhood." The message goes on to encourage neighbors to add decorations or scraps to the tree.

Hillger said in the post that "it's so sad that so many people were affected by Harvey and to see how many people still aren't in their homes." She said the finished product also "reminds us everyday how lucky we are."

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