Travel safety tips and top destinations for Labor Day weekend

Thursday, September 3, 2020
Tips on the top travel destinations this Labor Day weekend
Looking to travel for Labor Day weekend? Check out this year's popular spots!

Even with COVID-19, Labor Day is still expected to be a big travel weekend compared to other weekends, but where people are choosing to travel has changed.

A new study from TripIt compared last year's popular Labor Day vacation spots this year's, and a lot of typically popular destinations have changed.

Big Metro areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago still rank high, but those destinations have dropped in popularity year after year. New York City, for example, dropped 14 spots from number five in 2019 to number 19 in 2020.

Texas on the other hand is very popular. Austin jumped three spaces, and Dallas now also ranks in the top 25. With inbound travel restrictions lifted in Texas, and plenty of space to practice social distancing, there's a lot to love about the Lone Star State. Florida and the Caribbean are other destinations that lead 2020 Labor Day weekend travel.

If you do plan a road trip, some vehicles haven't been used frequently in the last few months, and may need an inspection. Be sure to pack plenty of hand sanitizer, wipes and extra face masks.