Man arrested with loaded AR-15 outside Washington Ave. club after threatening to 'return to shoot'

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Man arrested with loaded AR-15 outside Washington Ave. club
He got into a fight at Heart nightclub, and when he was escorted out, he threatened to "go get a gun and return to shoot."

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A 28-year-old Katy man was charged after deputies stopped him outside a Washington Avenue nightclub with an AR-15 assault rifle.

According to court records, David Mena, Jr. got into a fight with someone at Heart nightclub Sunday night. When he was escorted out, he threatened to "go get a gun and return to shoot," according to investigators.

Court records obtained by Eyewitness News on Tuesday state an unnamed witness took him home and then refused to give him a ride back when he walked out with an AR-15.

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Instead, the witness returned to the club to warn Harris County sheriff's deputies, who were able to intercept Mena.

David Mena Jr. is accused of attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after returning to a nightclub with an AR-15.

Just two months ago, Mena was arrested for unlawfully carrying a gun at the same club. Returning at all was a violation of his bond.

"The facts and circumstances involved the same nightclub, the same location," said the hearing officer during his first court appearance Monday night. "An AR-15 with a loaded magazine of 28 bullets while there were over 100 people in the nightclub."

"He was ordered by the judge in the case not to return to the premises, not to be in possession of firearms, and yet here he is on bond doing all that," explained Dave Brucker, the chief prosecutor of the 351st District Court.

Mena was also out on bond for robbery. The Harris County District Attorney's Office has filed a motion requesting Mena's bond be denied. A public defender requested a $7,500 bond. The hearing officer went much higher.

"I'm going to set your bond at $100,000. I will not approve you with a personal bond with all that info I just read on the record regarding a danger to public safety violation," she said.

Meanwhile, a woman at Mena's home address declined to comment. His next court date is set for Wednesday, April 7.

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