Kaitlyn finds love on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese KTRK logo
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NEW YORK -- The big "Bachelorette" finale began with a live introduction by Chris Harrison and then we picked back up with the regular show in Utah with Kaitlyn and her two remaining men, Shawn and Nick. They were preparing fly back to Malibu, California to meet Kaitlyn's family for the first time. Kaitlyn's family was shocked to learn that Nick Viall was one of the final men! Their reaction was like, "Why?!" They were also surprised when Kaitlyn told them that the two final guys hate each other, but is that really that unusual? They are two guys who are in love with the same woman! Her mother said that she is totally shocked that Nick is there and Kaitlyn admitted to her mother that she has a strong physical attraction to him and that things went "too far" in Ireland. Her mom said, so what then, who cares? Kaitlyn explained that she only felt guilty because someone else was involved.

Nick showed up to meet her parents and he was so upset that Kaitlyn told her mother already that they had slept together! He wants to make a good impression and that might not be the way to do it. He did his best to justify to her family why they are good together and why he decided to come back on the show. He added that he's there for the "right reasons". Kaitlyn's mom took Nick aside to chat because she's a bit concerned about him after watching Andi's season. She told him that she found him to be a bit arrogant on the past season. He did his best to say that he's sincere and really does love Kaitlyn. He also told her mom that they had an intellectual connection first before things got physical. Nick told her mother that he loves Kaitlyn and that he if Kaitlyn will have him he wants her for the rest of his life. He cried so much while asking her mother for her hand. It was so sweet! Kaitlyn's mom said that he's a sweetheart and she would be very happy if they ended up together!

Nick told Kaitlyn's dad that he loves every part of his daughter and named all of the personality traits that he admires about her. He asked her dad for his permission to ask Kaitlyn to marry him. He said that if he honestly feels that way "yes" he has his blessing! He said he got all the answers he needed to hear from him. Nick said to Kaitlyn that her family was just how she described them. He really seemed to get along well with all of them! (Side note: Was that a shot of Nick's family looking upset in the audience at the live show?)

Kaitlyn's mother said that she's a bit concerned that Shawn might be "the jealous type". But, Shawn showed up and looked amazing and was as charming as ever. He was incredibly nervous. He got all of the family members little thank you gifts! Her father thought that he had a very genuine way with words and expressing his feelings about Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn's mother said, "Wow, there's a man!" He has a way with the ladies that Shawn! Kaitlyn's mom pulled him aside and awkwardly asked him how he was feeling after Nick slept with her and how he's dealing with it. He said of course he hates seeing her go out with other guys now, but he can handle a real relationship in the real world. Shawn said hearing about her and Nick was tough, but he only felt the way he did because he feels so strongly about Kaitlyn. He said that they weren't in an exclusive relationship at the time, so he had to let that go. He added that he's in love with Kaitlyn and she means everything to him.

Her family said that they actually think that she's better off with Shawn. Her sister especially said that she saw an amazing connection between them and that with Nick she thinks it may be more physical. Shawn got Kaitlyn's mother and father together and asked them if he could propose to her! They said "1,000% you have our support." Shawn said, "I don't know if there is anyone else happier than me right now!"

Then, it was time for Nick's last date with Kaitlyn. They started off by saying "cheers" to the fact that Kaitlyn's family liked him a lot. They lounged around drinking wine on a boat and talking about the time that they spent with her family. Nick says that this is the kind of relationship he's always wanted and he really hopes that she's the one forever and that she can be back on his couch and doing ordinary things. Kaitlyn says that he brings out a very emotional side in her. She says that she cares about both of the guys so she is looking to find some clarity in that day's date.

Later that evening, they got together and hung out just the two of them at what looked like Nick's amazing room. They sat outside and talked about the course of their relationship and how surprising it was. They got together in New York and it was just a big whirlwind since. Nick said he was really grateful she kept him around and stuck up for him along the way. He made her a gift with a photo and a special letter. It was really beautiful and he says it's how he feels about her. Nick says that her reaction and the connection between them makes it harder to feel like it might not turn out in his favor. He said her reaction to his gift was the best sign he could get from her. Kaitlyn said in that moment, she felt like she could see him as her husband and felt so excited and great. She said it was one of the best days and she didn't want it to end.

It was Shawn's turn next, and Kaitlyn was nervous about being with him that day after the amazing night she had with Nick. They met up at a winery in Malibu and talked about their experiences from the beginning of the show while they sipped on wine. Kaitlyn seemed a little distant at first and admitted to Shawn that she hasn't been sleeping very well. She kept losing her train of thought and said it was weird. She said she wanted to be normal with him but she didn't know what to say. He said he was picking up on a different vibe, so did something happen? He told her nothing has changed on his end, but someone else is still there. He said, "So what happened yesterday if you are acting like this today?" She told him she's just freaking out because the big proposal decision day is tomorrow. Shawn says he has a pit in his stomach now after how weird she was during the afternoon.

That evening, they sat down for drinks and Shawn was doing some deep breathing and hand wringing before she showed up because he was so nervous! They shared a big hug at the door and laughed about how awkward their date was earlier. Kaitlyn and Shawn then talked about how they could envision their lives together. She was worried that if they were together he wouldn't be able to watch the show and was worried it could ruin their relationship. He said he would absolutely watch, but he might skip over some parts! Shawn said that they had a great talk and he thinks they are back on track. He pulled out a gift to give her to represent their past few months together. So he gave her a giant jar full of things from all of their dates, pictures, tees from the golf date, notes from him, and the roses she gave him. Shawn said based on her reaction to the gift, he plans on getting down on one knee to propose. Kaitlyn said the fact that they had a great night has just confused her more and she doesn't want to hurt anyone but knows that she will.

The day is here! It's proposal/dump day! They showed them all walking around waking up in their bathrobes. There was a knock at Shawn's door and it was Neil Lane! The diamond guy! He opened his magical case of rings and they are all beautiful of course! He picked out what looked like an cushion cut diamond with a pave setting. It was amazing! Nick also got a visit from Neil Lane! He was relieved it wasn't Kaitlyn since Andi knocked on the door and sent him home last season. Neil Lane complimented the rings that Nick and Kaitlyn got in Ireland. But, as far as diamonds go, he selected what looked like the emerald cut with the pave setting.

The guys got ready in their hotel rooms and headed over in their limos to see Kaitlyn back at the mansion and find out if they are "the one" for her. Kaitlyn wore a beautiful peach gown with lace. She looked absolutely stunning. Whose limo would arrive first? It was Nick. Poor Nick. The first limo is almost always the one that gets dumped. This is actually heartbreaking to watch. Nick started talking first and complimented her on how beautiful she looked and then he started talking about their relationship and how much he loves her. As he told her, she stood there stone faced, and he took out the ring and she said "no". He said, "alright". She started crying and said "oh my God" and then told him that she was sorry. Kaitlyn said that she needed every single second that they had together and the only explanation that she has is that her heart is with someone else. He fought back tears and he said that there isn't anything else that she could say that wouldn't confuse him. She said that everything between them was real to her and she felt everything in those moments. He said that he "believes it, but doesn't need to hear it." He said, "What I felt for you was greater than a moment." He said that it wasn't fair for her to say she feels the same because she doesn't and if she did "she'd have a ring on her finger" right then from him. She walked him out, they hugged, he got in the limo, looked at the ring and closed the box, then he threw the Ireland ring towards the other seat. I feel absolutely awful for him. He said he feels sick and in shock. He said he feels foolish and to hear her say "I love you" more than once is like an *expletive* joke. He said he feels like "the world's biggest joke" awwww. When they showed the live audience, his little sister Bella was crying in the audience. How awful!

The second limo pulled up and then it was Shawn's turn. He walked in and was greeted by a smiling and joyous Kaitlyn. He told her that the moment he stepped out of the limo he felt like he was where he was supposed to be and that through everything he wouldn't change anything because it led them there to that night. He told her that she is the most incredible woman he's ever met. He said that he falls more and more in love with her every time he sees her and that she's the love of his life. He told her that he loves hers so much. Kaitlyn spoke and she said that she felt something with him that she can't describe and she's never felt that way before. She said that although she's made a lot of mistakes she wants him to know the truth and that's that she never wants him to question what they have ever again because she's completely his and she will always be faithful to him. She said she loves him with all of her heart! She said, "You are the one, and you always will be." Shawn got down on one knee and proposed! She said "Yes!" Then, she offered him the final rose and Shawn gladly accepted it!

Then, it was time for "After the Final Rose" where Kaitlyn and Shawn came out on stage and announced that they were still happily engaged to each other. Then Nick came out and it was time to hear how he was doing. He said it was a bit of deja vu being on that stage again. He said he tried to be confident and go with the process but looking back maybe there were moments. He said he was confident because she said that she loved him and they did have a pre-existing friendship. He reiterated that it wasn't just a hookup, they spent a lot of time talking about getting engaged and falling in love. Nick said that the whole thing with Shawn was just silly and unfortunate. He said watching it back, he let his frustrations get the worst of him and they let their immaturity come out and made a difficult process more difficult. He actually spoke in Shawn's defense saying it's just a tough situation.

Shawn came out and sat next to Nick and Nick jokingly introduced himself so that Shawn would stop calling him "The Other Guy". Shawn said that they are very different people and said, "I'm not a fake person and I tell it how it is, so I can't be nice to someone I have a bad feeling about." Chris Harrison said well, "What bugged you?" He said that something was said in the house and he just had a bad feeling. Nick said they hardly even got to know each other. Nick said that he tried to talk to him and get to know him but they never got to. Shawn said it wasn't that he came on late, it's just that he heard a bunch of stuff. Shawn said that "not for one moment, did I ever think that someone else had a stronger connection with Kaitlyn." As for Shawn being jealous, he said, "Maybe seeing her go out with other guys, sure, I'm a human." He did mention that Ben H. had a strong relationship with Kaitlyn and he and Ben H. are good friends. Nick tried to defend himself against Shawn saying that he said things he shouldn't have after the Ireland date. Nick said that the after dinner portion went well during that date he only said that they had "quality time" because he was asked what happened afterward. He blamed the editing and prompting from producers for making it seem like he was bragging about what went on during the date. Nick apologized and Shawn did too for being so immature.

Kaitlyn came out next to talk to Nick. He said he understands that it's a difficult process. He said the toughest part for him was where they said "I love you" to each other and he wondered what she was thinking. She basically said she was feeling it so she said it. They talked again about their relationship prior to the show and she said that she felt they had an easy natural relationship but she put it out of her mind as far as a romantic relationship because of going on the show. She joked that he should pop out of the limo and didn't think he could come on the show halfway through. He said he doesn't regret coming on the show, but he's still getting over it. Kaitlyn said it was excruciating breaking up with him. Nick said that he wouldn't have said I love you or proposed to her if she didn't want to be with him. He wished that he didn't let her say those words because those are meant for his wife. She says she probably should have done it differently, but she had so many thoughts going through her head that she didn't want it to be the same as last time for him. Nick was upset that he picked a ring and went through the whole proposal speech. Nick did say that he wanted to wish her the best and she said "thank you".

Finally, it was time to go back to the happy couple. Kaitlyn said they woke up feeling like it was Christmas because they can now go out wherever they want and be a couple and live their lives. Shawn said he wants to defend Kaitlyn because of all the backlash against her. He said it was hard to sit back and watch what was happening out on the internet and in the tabloids because she doesn't deserve that. They kissed and embraced and that's a wrap for this season!