Judge detained man accused of planning Christmas terror attack

FRESNO, California -- The judge said Everitt Aaron Jameson is a danger to the public after making some of the most disturbing statements and violent threats and detained him without bail.

The judge also said this was a difficult decision due to the fact Jameson has made few if any direct violent actions and has a limited criminal history, but she did take into consideration Jameson's recent voluntary psychiatric hold and a past of depression.

His defense attorney tried to argue Jameson should be released with restrictions like pre-trial monitoring. He also reminded the court Jameson said he would not be able to follow through with the attack after all.

The district attorney responded by saying Jameson only claimed that, after an undercover FBI agent accidentally called him off of a Washington DC phone number.

The district attorney also reminded the court of statements Jameson made to FBI agents as they searched his home--saying when FBI agents asked Jameson to help them understand his mindset of these actions. Jameson said 'the destruction of the United States" and when asked if he would still do it, he responded by saying if he had an opportunity, there is a good chance of it.

Jameson had the support of nine family members in the courtroom today and some of them were in tears throughout the hearing.

The defense attorney also has an option to appeal the outcome today of being detained with no bail.

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