MUST LOVE DOGS: Houston athletes and man's best friend

J.J. Watt mused about making his dogs their own Instagram, but he's not the only pup-loving athlete in Houston. Here are the Houston athletes that can't get enough of man's best friend.

  1. Lance McCullers Jr.

    The Astros pitcher and his wife Kara have supported numerous animal rescues throughout Houston. Most recently, they teamed up with Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) to save hundreds of dogs and cats a week. When an older golden retriever was lost in Houston, she knew who to approach to help get her home. She walked right up to Lance McCullers' house. Lance and Kara got her home safe and sound.

    While many other athletes have an Instagram account for their dogs, Lance has one for his foundations that protects pets throughout the city.

    Their own dogs Minka and Finnley get a lot of love too.

  2. Carlos Correa
    McCullers' teammate fawns over two pups of his own. Carlos Correa even made an Instagram account for his pups, Groot and Rocket. You can tell by a quick scroll down their feed that those pups are cute, loved, happy and maybe a little spoiled!

    Correa and his fiancee Daniella even throw over the top birthday parties for their pups.

  3. JJ Watt and Kealia Ohai
    These two star athletes are newer to the puppy parent life, but they've taken it in stride. They haven't made an Instagram account for Tex and Finley yet, but Watt apologized on Instagram Wednesday for previously mocking the idea and revealed the couple is considering it.

  4. Justin Verlander
    The Astros pitcher and his wife Kate Upton not only have a dog of their own named Harley, they also help veterans receive service dogs. The new ADOPT. RESCUE. HEAL. program gives dogs at animal shelters a chance for adoption and training as service animals to give comfort and assistance to veterans with PTSD and other injuries. The program is part of Verlander's Wins for Warriors Foundation.

    Verlander and Upton met the first four dogs last November when they were adopted from the Houston SPCA.

  5. James Harden
    While his Instagram may be more filled with pictures of him on the court and his iconic fashion statements, every once in a blue moon the Rockets star will post about his love for his dog, Zeus.

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