Jason Momoa shaves iconic locks to promote ocean protection, elimination of plastic bottles

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Jason Momoa shaves his hair to promote ocean protection
The actor posted a video on Instagram as he got his iconic long hair shaved off, while calling attention to the importance of ocean protection.

Jason Momoa is embarking on "new beginnings" to help the environment.

The "Aquaman" actor, who has long been known for his thick mane of hair, shaved most of it off to draw attention to protecting oceans from plastic waste.

Momoa posted a video to his Instagram account, holding a shorn braid in his hand as the rest of his head was being shaved.

Momoa supports the reduction or elimination of single-use plastics and is the founder of Mananalu Water, which sells water in aluminum bottles and uses the proceeds to remove plastic from the ocean. The company says aluminum is far more recyclable than plastic.

"Here's to new beginnings, let's spread the aloha. Be better at protecting our land and oceans. We need to cut single-use plastics out of our lives and out of our seas," Momoa said in the video.