At 67, Jane Seymour becomes oldest 'Playboy' model

Jane Seymour is no stranger to "Playboy," but this time it's different.

Forty-five years after the actress first posed for the magazine, she's back -- this time as the oldest woman to ever pose for the magazine at 67.

"And they said they weren't interested in me being naked. So I said, 'Fine,'" Jane shares about the new pictorial spread. "And then, I just thought they'd made the most beautiful, classy, sensual. I mean, empowering. I mean, gorgeous pictures. I was thrilled."

Jane, known for her turn as a Bond girl in 1973's "Live and Let Die," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," says she feels even sexier at this age than she did in her 20s.

"I'm free, I'm able to be me and I'm getting to play great roles, doing a lot of comedy which I love," Jane said. "And you know, I'm not afraid of getting pregnant and I'm not afraid of dying. But I do want to fill the time in-between with as much fun as possible."