Yates Basketball's success brings pride to the Third Ward

Friday, August 7, 2020
Yates Basketball's success brings pride to the Third Ward
The success of Yates Basketball is a source of pride for the Third Ward.

With its strong winning tradition, Yates Basketball has long brought a sense of pride to the Third Ward. Not only has the school won four state championships, this past season they broke their own national record for consecutive 100 point games before COVID-19 ended their run. And on and off the court, it is obvious Third Ward is in their blood. "I was born in Third Ward, I grew up across the street in Emancipation Park." says Yates Head Coach, Greg Wise.

Yates has also become a national brand. They have been in the news for their bravado and destruction of opponents over the years. "They way we practice and the people I look up to, a Michael Jordan, a Kobe Bryant, that is their mentality." says Wise.

Wise also credits the leadership at Yates including his principal for allowing the school and program to grow. "People want to know why I am still at Yates, it is because I do not want to be anywhere else. Born and raised there, I feel it is my calling."

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