Jack in the Box employee fired after controversial barefoot photo

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Pearland is one of the cities around the Houston area that grades restaurants.

Every restaurant must have a sign showing their grade in its window.

Jack in the Box in Pearland recently received an A, but that hasn't stopped a flood of nasty comments online.

Social media can't seem to stomach the viral photo of a Jack in the Box employee making a customer's order while barefoot.

The customer snapped the image of the employee on Monday night while she was making his order without shoes on.

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Customers in real life are saying that the customer may have overreacted.

"I don't wear shoes when I cook at home, and my food is still good and I've never gotten sick," customer Priscilla Mendez said.

The manager at the store says the employee has since been fired, and that Pearland prepares to reinspect the restaurant.

"The Department of Health and Safety is basically silent on that," Pearland Code Enforcement/Health officer Ed Kimberly said.

Kimberly says that the state guidelines do require them to look for clothing, but focusing on hair nets and gloves for hands.

He said a great way to review a restaurant is to look for its report online.

"We put up the placards so they can see it right away," Kimberly said.

If a restaurant doesn't score an A, B, or C, customers will know right away.

"Scores of 75 below will get a re-inspection pending," Kimberly said.

In the case of Jack in the Box, they say employees are required to wear slip resistant shoes at all times.

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