Simple steps to improve your posture

Thursday, January 11, 2018
How to improve your posture
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How to improve your posture

Do you have poor posture? If you sit at a desk or behind the wheel for most of the day, there's a good chance you might.

So, if you want to improve your posture, the Train Station Personal Trainer and Health Coach Kinsey Mahaffey has some exercises we can try.

Mahaffey says improving our posture requires back strengthening and chest stretching, so she says to start with a chest exercise!

1 - Doorway Chest Stretch - Place one arm up against doorway at a right angle and parallel to shoulder and then step forward to intensify stretch. Repeat on the other side.

2 - T-Spine Rotation - Get on all fours. Take one hand off the floor and up against head, and rotate to look up. You are rotating your upper back while keeping lower back stable.

3 - External Rotation - Grab an exercise band. With elbows glued to your waist and palms up holding the band, rotate your forearms out to the sides and back.

4 - Reverse Flies - Place an exercise band under one foot and stand in a stagger stance, bending over with a straight back. With one hand holding each handle, keeping arms straight, and rotate them out toward your back and down.

5 - Wide Row - Keep the band under one foot, standing in a stagger stance and bending over with a straight back. With one hand holding each handle, row back making a right angle with your arms, keeping your elbows out wide.

Try to do three sets of ten of each exercise.

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