Ted Oberg surveys damage left behind by Hanna on S. Texas coast

Monday, July 27, 2020
ABC13's Ted Oberg talks to business owners recovering from storm damage
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Hanna landed and left behind a trail of damage on the south Texas coast. Hit play for ABC13's Ted Oberg surveying what the hurricane left behind in its wake.

Hanna landed on the south Texas coast as a Category 1 hurricane, battering communities, from Port Mansfield, to Baffin Bay, and Padre Island.

ABC13's Ted Oberg was in the region as Hanna made landfall on Saturday, and as businesses and landmarks on the shore were left with damage from the storm.

In the video above, see Oberg survey the damage on a difficult Sunday for lots of south Texans.

In the video players below, hit play on his reports, recorded through landfall Saturday, capturing the howling conditions before Hanna met with the coast and the eventual pounding of the area.

9 P.M. UPDATE: Hanna kept power out for Port Mansfield, which was batter with 90 mph winds

8 P.M. UPDATE: ABC13's Ted Oberg and David Tillman talk about storm's forecast

6 P.M. UPDATE - Ted Oberg says lights are out for most of Port Mansfield as Hanna pounds the town.

4 P.M. UPDATE - Ted Oberg said the strength of Hurricane Hanna is felt in Port Mansfield and all over the region.

2 P.M. UPDATE - Ted Oberg in Baffin Bay as Hanna sprays the area with heavy rainfall.

12:30 P.M.UPDATE - Ted Oberg in Riviera Beach, Texas, where residents were spotted preparing for the worst of Hurricane Hanna.

9 A.M. UPDATE - Ted Oberg on a beach in North Padre Island, approximately 30 miles from where the hurricane is projected to make landfall.