Humble BBQ pit maker owes worldwide success to city

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- A growing barbecue pit business isn't forgetting where it came from, and embraces its 'humble' beginnings.

A decade ago, you wouldn't recognize Pitmaker's current location in Humble. It started inside a small building with a used welding machine.

Now, the company is shipping its BBQ pits all over the globe.

"We have presence in over 40 countries," said Pitmaker co-owner Victor Howard. "We worked for presidents to CEOs to top 500 Fortune companies that use our barbecue pit."

Despite the growing demand, Pitmaker operates under a philosophy derived from the name of the city they're from.

"The race to be the best is daily grinding," Howard explained. "You have to hustle every day, but the most important thing is you have to stay humble."

Part of that involves giving back, he says. The company donates in many ways, including teaching students how to cook barbecue.

"It's just kind of in our industry and in our blood," said Pitmaker co-owner George Shore. "Giving back to the community is something Pitmaker has always wanted to be a part of."

The company went further than before when it came to giving back recently. After hearing Southern Smoke Foundation had its trailer stolen, Pitmaker donated a new one. It was used for the first time a few weeks ago.

"To see it in use, and to see our other pits in use, and to see the smiling faces enjoying the food off the trailer is amazing," said Shore.

Pitmaker recently opened its own restaurant called 1886 Humble Backyard on Manor Way. It's a new venture the company hopes will be embraced by the community that made them who they are.

"From humble beginnings, you have to stay humble," said Howard.

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